What’s MaltaMenu?

As Malta’s number one fringe benefit platform, we are your solution to building employee relations and managing food allowance. Our platform gives your company a competitive edge for retaining top talent. There’s never been a better time to start offering an employee benefit program they crave.

Make the Island Your Company Canteen

Getting outside the office improves productivity and concentration. Give your employees the power of choice instead of limiting them to a canteen. With the same investment, or even less, we’ll help you make the Island their canteen.
  • Eat when and where they want
  • Make group orders
  • Pre-order and book a table, saving 20-30 minutes of their break time

Building Loyalty

Research shows that purchasing a favourite meal, using a company branded card, is one of the most effective loyalty boosters. Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business. MaltaMenu is your tool for increasing employee retention.

Simple & Efficient

Save your HR team valuable time and effort. Our intelligent wallet allows your team to easily deposit employee food allowance with our “one-click” features. Say goodbye to frustrating manual work and time-consuming reconciliation.

Daily Deals

Your employees will benefit from daily discounts when using their card at a restaurant or on the MaltaMenu platform. Just another way we help you give more value to your team and win their hearts.

Peace of Mind

MaltaMenu operates as a fully licensed financial institution (AEMI) under the strict guidelines of the Financial Conduct Authority. You can be assured that all sites, applications, cards and accounts are safeguarded and backed up on a daily basis. Our cards are designed with the latest contactless technology for fast and secure service.

How it Works

We create a MaltaMenu business account, or “wallet” where your company is able to make deposits.
You can set-up as many employee accounts as you wish, and transfer balances to their accounts as needed.
Your employees receive a contactless MaltaMenu Card with the balance allocated to their accounts.
Your employees spend their allowance via our online ordering portal or by using their MaltaMenu Card at all locations within our network.

Let’s Meet

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